Qian Baijia Foam Cleanser

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Qian Baijia | Plant Moisturising Foam Cleanser | Cleanse & Remove Make Up. For All Skin types including sensitive skin | Ideal For Men and Women. Daily usage creates glowing clean fresh skin. 



QianBaijia Cleanser wash Ireland
QianBaijia Cleansing wash. Buy online Ireland

To be pure of heart and clean of body is the only path to spiritual enlightenment. The same goes for your skin. Keep it clean every day with this fragrance free foaming wash cleanser. For beautiful translucent skin that sparkles with saintly clarity and luminosity, use this organic facial wash to gently remove make up and freshen the skin every day. Put your skin on the path to redemption and help avoid spots, blemishes and blocked pores. A purifying blend of keratin, amino acid, rose oil and olive oil that lathers and sparkles with heavenly lustre.

This moisturising cleansing foam is enriched with essential rose oil to effectively and gently remove impurities and makeup to leave the face fresh, clean and bright. Use daily to cleanse the face in the morning and evening for skin that is fresh, bright and feels really clean.

Qian Baijia Plant Moisturising Foam Cleanser contains plant cuticles which are extracted from the epidermal cells of leaves and other plants. These plant cuticles consist of fatty acids which feed and nourish the skin. Qian Baijia Plant Moisturising Foam Cleanser with plant cuticles is designed to limit water loss thereby ensuring that the skin feels comfortable and supple after cleansing. It is ideal for men and women and is a perfect anti-aging cleanser or a starter product for young skin . It can be used daily to keep skin fresh and clean.


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